Tucson Welcomes the World!

Rodríguez Family of Five Travels to Phoenix and Welcomes Worldwide Family

Tucson, Arizona — August 9, 2019 — This weekend the largest convention event ever in Phoenix is taking place. At Chase Field, the “Love Never Fails”! International Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses begins on Friday, August 9. Even though their home congregation was not one of the 217 invited, the Rodríguez family volunteered to travel to Phoenix for several days in order to partake in an extensive hospitality campaign. There they will help welcome some 5,000 international delegates from some 41 countries – spiritual family whom they have never met.

The Rodríguez’ are just one of many families who are taking time off school and work so they can participate in welcoming the delegates. “We’re happy to travel from Tucson and be here to welcome our family from around the world,” said 41-year- old José Rodríguez. “We live in a time where love is not often seen, and we want our children to see that the love the Bible describes does exist and can unify ALL people when put into practice.”

“We strive to cultivate love in our families,” said Timothy Watkins, local spokesman for Jehovah’s Witnesses. “The Rodríguez family knows their worldwide family appreciates receiving such a loving gift of hospitality.”

The Rodríguez family is in good company. Some 15,000 volunteers from all over Arizona have volunteered to assist their spiritual family from abroad, most paying their own way.

For more information, please contact Timothy Watkins at 267-980-5572 or Timwatkins.jw@gmail.com.

Pictured: The Rodríguez family welcoming delegates from some 41 different countries

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