Phoenix’s Largest Convention Event Ever Concludes Today

Delegates from 41 Countries Bid Farewell to their Arizonan Hosts on Sunday

PHOENIX — August 10, 2019 — The final day of the “Love Never Fails!” International Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses will conclude with delegates from 41 countries taking the field at Chase Field – waving goodbye to their Arizonan hosts. The convention will also bid farewell to the city of Phoenix after a special week that brought 40,000 visitors to the park and an excess of $60 million of economic impact.

More than 15,000 volunteers worked tirelessly to host some 5,000 international visitors who enjoyed both the convention and the state’s attractions over the past week. On Sunday evening, the stage, videos screens, and equipment will be dismantled and trucked away while thousands of volunteers thoroughly clean the stadium.

“The talent is in the body of attendees and is the most incredibly professional, organized convention I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with in a very long career,” states Steve Moore, President and CEO of Visit Phoenix. “And on top of that, you promised to clean the stadium before you leave! No one else does that!”

The event has had minimal impact on traffic in the area due to a highly organized plan to bring attendees into the area using public transportation and walking from downtown hotels. The Sunday program will begin at 9:20 and conclude at 3:30. The public is welcome and admission is free, with no collections taken at any time.

To schedule a visit or an interview, please contact Jason Hohl at 410-693-5086 or

Pictured above: 40,000 Witnesses and their guests enjoying the “Love Never Fails”! Convention at Chase Field

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