Hundreds to be Baptized at Second Day of International Convention

Chase Stadium Hosts “Love Never Fails”! International Convention Series this Weekend

PHOENIX — August 9, 2019 — Saturday will mark the most important day in the lives of hundreds of delegates attending the “Love Never Fails”! International Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses, as they symbolize their life-long dedication through water baptism at Chase Field.

“Making a personal dedication to God and symbolizing that through water baptism is the most important step in a Christian’s life,” said Robert Hendriks, U.S. spokesman for Jehovah’s Witnesses. “This is one of the highlights of the convention for all those who will attend.”

Jehovah’s Witnesses practice full-body immersion when baptizing. The event will begin with a discourse at 11:45 AM followed by the baptism, which will happen in two pools on the floor at Chase Field so all can witness the event.

The convention began Friday after 36 hours of preparation by more than 5,000 local volunteers. At 12:01 AM on Thursday, the entire stadium was thoroughly cleaned in preparation for the massive move-in, when trucks delivered equipment to erect a stage, build video screens, and set up volunteer departments throughout the venue.

The “Love Never Fails”! Convention in Phoenix is part of the global convention series spanning six continents, 200+ countries in 400 languages. Millions of invitations have been distributed worldwide for the public to attend this free event. “If you called this a modern-day miracle, you would be right,” said Hendriks. “This international spiritual family has no boundaries based on nation, race, ethnicity or tongue. There is nothing like it in the world!”

This convention is open to the public and runs through Sunday, August 11. Admission is free and no collections are taken. To schedule a visit or an interview, please contact Jason Hohl at 410-693-5086 or

Watch the Vimeo/video:

Pictured above: Baptism pools on the floor of Chase Field where hundreds will be baptized Saturday

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