Inviting Arizona!

35,000 Volunteers Personally Invite Arizonans to Landmark Global Convention at Chase Field

PHOENIX — July 25, 2019 — For the next several weeks thousands of local Arizonans will participate in a statewide initiative to warmly invite the public to a historic convention in early August.

More than 35,000 local Jehovah’s Witnesses from 217 congregations are personally delivering invitations to their neighbors inviting them to the three-day Global Convention with the theme, “Love Never Fails.” The campaign began on Friday, July 19, three weeks before the opening day of the convention, which will take place at Chase Field in Phoenix, begins Friday, August 9 and runs through Sunday, August 11.

“Volunteers of all ages and in every community are handing out invitations to this exciting event,” said Timothy Watkins, local Spokesman for Jehovah’s Witnesses. “They believe in the message of love and want to extend that to all their neighbors.”

This convention series spans six continents and 200+ countries. It is the first time Arizona will host an International Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses, which is expected to draw more than 39,000, including 5,000 delegates from some 41 countries. The event will highlight the importance of love through talks, interviews, videos and a 2-part feature film. “There is something for every member of the family,” said Watkins.

Admission is free and no collections are taken.

Read the convention program.

For more information, please contact Timothy Watkins at 267-980-5572 or